Reconstruction of thermal management

Buzuluk a.s. used the 1st call of the OPPIK subsidy programme supporting energy-saving measures in the business sphere for the implementation of the 2nd stage of the reconstruction of the heat management.

In June 2015, under the Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness

(OP PIK) announced a call for support for energy-saving measures in the business sphere.

Therefore, the management of Buzuluk a.s. decided to take advantage of this opportunity and, in cooperation with the expert consultant SEVEn Energy s.r.o., submitted an application for support for an “energy-saving project”, which includes in the first phase II. part II of the reconstruction of the heat management system decentralising the heating system within the New Plant, and in the second phase the installation of all hot air units with modern controls and the improvement of the efficiency of the hot water preparation and cooling circuit of the induction furnaces in the piston ring foundry (No. 31).

The application for support was successfully evaluated, which was confirmed at the beginning of February this year by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, which is the managing authority of the OP PIK programme financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

The first part of the project has already been successfully completed and handed over for use by the selected contractor ENESA, a.s., and the second phase is planned for this year. Upon completion of the entire project, energy consumption is expected to be reduced by more than 1.5 GWh per year, mainly in the form of natural gas savings.