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The main focus of our production program are multi-roll calenders.

three-roll calenders

Our calenders are manufactured and designed with the utmost attention to product precision and quality, long life, easy handling, and costs saving maintenance. Our machinery is capable of achieving a perfect surface treatment of the rolls. Each cylinder supplied comes with a quality certificate.

Rolls are independently driven with maximum speed accuracy and friction adjustment. All equipment is supplied with the customer’s application in mind. With regard to deliveries worldwide, we are able to cast solutions exactly according to the customer’s requirement. Our calenders are usually delivered as a part of the calendering line, all Buzuluk made. For more information, you can check the calendering lines section.

Main characteristics

Technical parameters of calendars

Machine type 03235 03925 14302 03603 03673
Roll diameter mm 300 500 650 650 710
Typised roll length mm 750 1250 1700 1750 2500
Roll configuration Y Y I Y Y
Application foil drawing Foil drawing, rubberizing Foil drawing, rubberizing Foil drawing, rubberizing Foil drawing, rubberizing, conveyor belts
Typised roll speed m/min 3-30 3-30 3-30 3-35 1,5-15
Recommended drives power kW 3 × 22 30-40-30 1 × 110 60-80-60 3 x 58
3 x 145


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